Onefora Release Date: June 21, 2021
Global Release Date: July 6, 2021

Content Tags [New Feature Preview]

We are launching Content Tags in Onefora first to get your valuable feedback! We have been actively working on this feature and will be releasing it in an iterative approach. In this release you should be able to do the following: add a tag to a showcase, gallery, article or thread that you create, complete a single tag search. This feature will be released globally in the July 6th release.

Why are we doing this?

To help organize content and make it easier for the community to find, you will soon be able to add tags to your content. These tags become links, allowing topics that discuss similar things to be grouped and searched.

Where do you tags?

As a user, you can add tags to the following areas:
  • Articles
  • Threads/Discussions
  • Gallery
  • Showcase
If you did not add a tag when creating an article, thread, discussion, gallery or showcase, you can navigate to your post, and select the “tag icon”. This will open up a window where you can add a tag. Please note: The tag has a character limit of 3 to 25 characters.

Will I be able to edit Tags?

Yes, if you have posted your content and wish to add or edit an existing tag, navigate to the posted content and click the “tag icon”. This will allow you to edit.

Will I be able to search Tags?

Yes, you will be able to search tags by navigating to our “Advanced Search” and selecting the “Search Tags” tab. There are two ways to search tags on this page.
  1. Custom Search: When the page loads you will be able to enter text and search for tags on the site.
  2. Popular Tags: When the page loads you will see a sub-section called “Popular Tags” this feature provides suggestions for commonly used tags to click and discover within your favourite community.
Both options will generate results with tags applied to Articles, Threads/Discussions, Gallery and Showcase.

User Profile Page

When you navigate to a Users profile page and select the discussions tab you will be able to see threads with tags.

If you click on a tag, for example “test” it will take you to the search results page with other threads that include the selected “test” tag.

Tag Manager for Mods/Admins/Staff

The tag manager makes it easy for administrators to find all the tags that have been used within their community. Tag manager shows how popular each tag is and the date the tag was last used. You will be able to view all content with a particular tag as well as being able to merge or delete tags. New tags will respect our censored words list. Ahead of global rollout of this feature, we have put together a "Tag Manager Tutorial" that can be reviewed here.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this feature! Please put any comments, questions or concerns down below, and we will be happy to answer them.