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Hi everyone!

As you may have noticed, we are currently in the process of making a series of changes to Alpha Labs. We are making these changes, in an effort to foster superior communication between our team and the community. We want to share our plan here to ensure our community is aware of the recent and upcoming changes.

  • We will be rebranding Alpha Labs to Platforum.
    • The domain has been updated, and we will have a new logo soon.
  • With the new name, comes some structural changes as well:
    • Sample data sections are removed.
      • These sections were created purely for testing purposes, and they do not contribute to anything, so we hid them.
    • We created a several new sections:
      • Announcements and Release Notes
        • Dedicated for aggregating all release notes and announcements, so the community can find this information easily.
        • We have updated our release format to include a snapshot of how we have improved our platform within the last 30 days, and what is coming in the next 30.
          • This will replace our current weekly release notes on Platforum, as well as the on-site release notes.
          • These posts will provide additional detail and illustrations as needed for new features and updates.
        • Existing release notes have all been moved to this section.
        • Threads are hard-sorted by creation date, so replies won’t affect the sequence of release notes.
      • Blog section
        • We are excited to introduce our blog where we will be featuring articles on various topics such as product updates, technology innovations, industry insights, advertising/content marketing, and culture. All of which relate to our Verticalscope community sites and how our sites influence our users, clients, and partners.
  • We are also internally starting to ask more of our employees to start using this new platform, to have a closer relationship with the community which allows the ability for our staff to see user feedback and comments first hand. As a result, staff will also be more informed and educated on why they are working on what they are working on.
  • Once we are ready, we will start to open Platforum to more users from our communities.
Platforum will be the central hub where we’ll keep our users up-to-date on all things community related - we’ll share product updates, future plans and other important information that impact our Verticalscope communities.
Gathering user-feedback is extremely important in regards to the overall success of our communities. Within this space, we’ll engage with our community members to gather feedback, discuss product features, improvements, and so much more. We value our community members and want to keep an open channel of communication by not only being transparent with them, but allowing them to be transparent with us.

And of course, this will always remain the place where you can see and explore upcoming updates, before they are rolled out globally.

Thank you for the continuous support, we are looking forward to building a better platform with all you together.

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Excited about having more participants and deeper dive info in here for all.

Jeff M
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