Late last year, we talked about embarking on a new journey to better curate and display site content on the homepage in a unique experience that still feels native to the site.

Our focus was on helping surface items that the community has found interesting or insightful!

Today we feel proud to announce “Featured Threads.” (Preview is on the homepage)


Featured Threads is a new section that sits at the top of the homepage that showcases FIVE articles or threads with images associated with them to create this beautiful eye caching section of content.

The feature also displays beautifully across all screen sizes, gracefully adding or removing a tile to help the content fit naturally into the viewing area.


The version that is on this site right now is the Alpha. As it sits right now, most of the major functionality is built-in, as well as the look and feel. We still have some tweaks to be made, but you will be the first to see them when they are.

Shortly you should be able to see
  • The reply count on the tiles (If it's not 0)
  • The avatar of the poster
  • The prefix of the post
  • Faster load times for images with improved caching
Near Future

The first version of this product to be rolled out on the network will be only on a select handful of sites where our team can work with site administrators to train and teach them about the tool.

In this version, it will be 100 percent manual threads and article selection.

Farther out

When we are rolling out the manual version of the product, the team will be working on an “Automated assisted” version! Doing this enables the whole network to have the feature on and have content automatically curated and displayed alongside your manually chosen content!

This feature will be rolled out on the whole network of California but each site still remains 100 percent independent, there is no cross-pollination across sites.

Example: will only ever feature content. There will NEVER be a case of showing content from another site.

We look forward to having your feedback on this feature! Please put any comments, questions or concerns down below, and we will be happy to answer them.

PS We are currently curating a roll-out site list for this feature; well, we can't guarantee that you get the first version of the product; there is no harm in putting your site on the list 😄