Hi Everyone! We have been working to enable image search on our platform. We have finished the first iteration and would like to get your feedback. Our Goal: Users should be able to search for images within the Gallery and Showcase by navigating to the “advanced search” menu and selecting from any of the following tabs:
  • Search Showcase
  • Search Albums
  • Search Media
  • Search Media Comments

When the User searches within these advanced search options they will be taken to a results page:

The page auto-fills the main search bar with the item the user searched for:

When the user clicks the search bar to search for another item in the Media category it will repopulate the results. Please note we have some outstanding development work to complete before a global launch. Outstanding items include:
  • Image Search Design/Styling Changes
  • Search Parameter Reset: Retain default parameters, and reset the custom parameters when a User searches for another item in the same category (i.e. Media) from the results page.
Thank you for taking the time to explore this new feature! @AG Jeff will be posting some helpful search guidelines to get everyone started!