Hi everyone,

Hope you had a great long weekend.

We want to provide an update on the results of our NPS survey. First, we want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. We got a lot of feedback, both positive and negative, and these comments will be very valuable for us as we figure out our future roadmap. Hearing these words is critical for us to stay in touch with the user's needs, and we intend to keep collecting feedback like this from time to time.

Here are some of the most commented issues and how we plan to address them. Please feel free to share this list with your site members.

  • Search experience being difficult to use, and can't search Show Case / Media Gallery content
    • We are addressing this in 2 steps.
      • Last week we have globally rolled out an update for advanced search, users can now search Media Gallery, Showcase, as well as Tags.
      • Next step, we are working with our designers to improve the search experience overall, we will have more to share when we are ready.
  • Can't search for content within a thread
    • The system already supports searching in a particular thread. However, we still received feedback from users that they want this feature. We will be working on making this feature more discoverable.
  • Lack of classified buyer & seller rating system
    • Some of you may know, currently, we have a dedicated team lead by @jtonge working on a dedicated classified system. And we plan to tackle buyer/seller rating and a series of other needs in this epic. For any feedback, please feel free to discuss in New Feature - Classified Listings
  • Can't upload multiple images at once
    • We understand this could be a big headache for content creators, especially on sites that are media-rich like skyscrapercity.com. We are looking into a fix for it and it's a high priority on our list.
  • Losing read history tracking after 30 days
    • By default, it is currently set to 30 days in XenForo. This was not our design intention. We are currently looking at expanding it while investigating any impacts on performance.
  • Image won't start loading till it's scrolled up into the screen
    • This was a by-product of lazy load implementation for better performance. But we understand this results in a bad reading experience. We are looking into pre-load images before they are scrolled onto your screen.
  • No highlight on threads I participated in
    • By default preference, you will automatically follow any threads you created or replied to. We have a "Following" tag on threads you are following. Currently, we are looking into ways we could possibly highlight these threads more. However, we do not want to distract users with too much information. We will keep you updated if we make any progress on this one.
  • Ability to block thread/node
    • As the homepage feed kicked off the content personalization, we start to see an increasing need for blocking nodes and threads. First, we will look into fixing the issue where threads from ignored users are showing up on the homepage feed. Then we are looking into planning something on it in the future to address this need.
  • Mobile thread view pagination issue
    • It has occurred to us that the "Jump to Latest" button could glance over, and the fact that there is no quick way for mobile users to navigate to the first page of a thread with a lot of pages of replies. We are looking into adding a |< and >| to allow users to quickly go to the first and last page on mobile devices. Mind that the final design might differ a little bit, but the function will serve its purpose.
  • Hard to see Unread in Dark Mode
    • We are well aware of this issue, and we are planning to look at dark mode holistically with the design team together to fix these issues. We will have more to share in the future.
  • Clicking a thread from the home page and go back, and scroll position will be lost
    • This was an issue caused by our Load More function. We understand the trouble it caused for those who primarily use the homepage as their navigation center, and we are currently looking into a solution for this issue.

On the other side, we received a lot of recurring positive comments, and we like to share them with you here as well.
  • Visual and UX is by far the most praised topic from the survey. Our designs were very thrilled and heart-warmed by the kind words
  • A lot of people spoke up about the ease of navigation.
  • Performance is also another frequent comment. Specifically about the speed, stableness of the sites.
  • Addition of dark mode after migration made a lot of users happy.
  • Native image hosting is another topic that was mentioned quite a lot.
  • We also got a lof of praises for the homepage feed and mobile support.

This NPS survey marks an important milestone for us. Looking back, we have come pretty far compared to 2 years ago. However, we still have a lot of work to do. Thank you to those who's been with us since day one. And for those who recently joined, thank you for putting your trust in us, and we will need your help to continuously improve the platform and grow together.

- VS Product Team