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Onefora Release Date: Friday, September 3
Release Date: Tuesday, September 7 @ 9:00 a.m.
Font Logo Art Graphics Electric blue

Summary of Changes - User Facing
  • What’s New Page
    • Addition of a News & Articles tab to the What’s New section. In this area, we will populate news & article posts so it is easier for the user to navigate to content. We will be iteratively working on this feature, and post updates as released.
  • Featured Threads
    • Fixed an issue where read and unread thread titles looks the same.
  • Vendor Subscriptions: Business image upload dialog was fixed for IE users
    • Issue: users on IE browser were unable to upload their business logo during the business registration nor on the Business Settings page
  • Vendor Subscriptions: Business name can now be updated if the only change is in capitalization
    • Issue: users were unable to change the capitalization in their business name on the Business Settings page.
  • Vendor Subscriptions: Vendors on a Premium Vendor plan now see an option to downgrade to the Supporting Vendor plan by clicking a “Downgrade to Supporting Vendor” button while cancelling their plan.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to the product or CM team: @gkatsiochristos, @jtonge, @MariaK, @Lalji, @AG Jeff!

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I would,say you have a bug in new release, as you can see on the pictures below. New tab called news and articles just push right column out of visible size of the window, which is not good user experience.

Product Azure Font Rectangle Screenshot

Product Azure Font Screenshot Line

Product Azure Rectangle Font Screenshot
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