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Release 34 User Related Changes
  • Updated look on Action Buttons in Thread and Conversation
  • Wrapping up some Admin Panel fixes.
  • Bug Fix - Sticky ads is always showing on top of Android's native keyboard
  • Bug Fix - Showcase thumbnail should show image preview with embedded images
  • Preparation work for 2FA system and Admin Panel launch. It's on labs right now, and we'll work with CM team on and test and gradually rollout to our production sites.

Know Issues
My apologies, 2 of our QA finished their co-op program this week, others are on vacation, we literally only have QA working this week, team can get overwhelmed. We'll get back on track on quality after new year when everybody is back.

As of today's version, here are the known versions that we're looking into fix. We'll try to get it in before new year if we have enough resource.

1: 2FA data on Labs was wiped on accident.
I got confirmation from our dev that this would not happen on production environment, it's caused by to labs being reverted to a previous build earlier this week. This will not happen again on lab. We'll double check to make sure. Apologies for the inconvenience.

2: New icon and admin checkbox are fighting the same spot.
Thank you Mike for this one.

3: Action buttons in threads are not attached to the bottom.
This one seems to be a stubborn issue. It's supposed to be fixed with today's release. I'll look into this and we'll try to get a fix on it as soon as we can.

Let us know if you find out more related to today's preview release on labs. We'll try to prioritize fix on high profile ones early.

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Bumping and sticking this for now, thanks for posting.

Also, note these updates will take place on live sites the week of 12/30/19 due to the holidays.

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