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Lab Release Date: Thursday, May 21th
Target Release Date: Thursday, May 27th (Updating)

Summary of Changes - User Facing
  • ML Recommender turned on for 62 sites
    • Week of May 25th we will begin network rollout
  • Ongoing performance optimization
Summary of Changes - For Labs Only
This is for informational purposes only, please do not share outside of Labs ?

Professional Content Progress (Details talk to @mike.shoss or @gkatsiochristos)
  • Phase 2 - Complete
  • Phase 3 - In Development (Launch slated for Early June)
Homepage 2.0 Progress (Details talk to @liang_VS or @gkatsiochristos)
  • MVP Launch slated for End of May
  • Full Rollout early to mid June - Still Pending

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New replies do not bump announcements to the top. Is this by design?

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Oh yeah, this subforum is set to hard rank threads by thread creation time, I was testing something else. Sorry about the confusion.
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