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Lab Release Date: Thur, June 18th @4:30 pm EST
Release Date: Tues, June 23rd

Summary of Changes - User Facing
  • Ability to advance search user posts with date range
Summary of Changes - For Labs Only
This is for informational purposes only, please do not share outside of Labs ?

Professional Content (Details talk to @mike.shoss or @gkatsiochristos)
  • If you have comments of feedback, we would love to hear from you. Also if you want to become an author, let us know!
Homepage 2.0 Progress (Details talk to @liang_VS or @gkatsiochristos)
  • MVP Rollout to 16 additional sites on June 16th
  • Full Rollout slated to start end of June/Early July
  • Also check out our post about the homepage launch! Link here: Alpha Labs
ML Recommender
  • Rollout to 40 additional sites, and counting! (In progress)
  • Edit Restrictions pertaining to number of edits per day (In progress)
If you want your site to be bumped up in the ML Recommender roll out, please talk to @mike.shoss or @gkatsiochristos.

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Can someone please walk me through this one?
Hey Mike, when using advanced search, the user can now select a start and end date to search. Basically, we found the end date was not inclusive, and adjusted it to be. I hope this answers your question, if not, when we are back in office on Monday I can provide additional context. Hope you have a great weekend.
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