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Platforum Release Date: Thur, July 23th
Release Date: Tues, July 28st

Summary of Changes - User Facing
  • Homepage 2.0 Improvements
    • Algorithm Updates
      • Threads you are following will now surface higher on your homepage feed when there are new replies.
      • Threads posted by the user you are following will have a boost in ranking in your feed.
      • Threads posted under the sub-forums you’re following will have a boost in ranking in your feed.
    • Threads posted in nodes with access restriction will now be properly displayed on the homepage for those who have access to those nodes.
  • Signature Improvements
    • If an image is the first element in signature, we will show the sized-down cropped-from-top version of the image while the signature is collapsed.
    • You can now collapse the signature after it’s expanded.
    • Space adjustment for collapsed signature to improve reading experience.
    • When expanded, image in signature will be limited to 400px width.
    • Signatures now support unlimited internal links.
  • Visual Fixe and Improvements
    • Image upload widget - While hovering over the “Drop Image” area, the cursor will update to reflect that the area is clickable.
    • Fixed an issue where site logos were not showing up properly in preview links on Facebook.
    • Fixed an issue where some prefix in dark mode has inconsistent visuals.
  • Account Setting page - Fixed an issue where the left rail navigation menu item is inconsistent in some pages.
  • Search and recommended section speed optimization.
We're doing weekly release notes again?
Yes, we tried 30/30 (which we will continue), but after our experiment, we feel it's much more effective and fast to communicate weekly update through these notes. So we will resume the weekly update posts, while the 30/30 posts will be focusing on more bigger direction topic.
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