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Platforum Release Date: Thur, July 30st
Release Date: Wed, August 5th @ 9:00 a.m.

Summary of Changes - User Facing
ML Recommender launched globally

Summary of Changes - For Labs Only
This is for informational purposes only, please do not share outside of Labs


  • ML Recommender launched on 50 sites, and then rolled out globally
  • Alignment on “What’s New Page” for Content Moderators
    • Issue: The space is not reserved (see attachment in reply), as a result the alignment is off because one thread has a checkbox that takes a space, while the other threads don't.
    • Resolution: For content moderators, the what's new page should have a space reserved on the right of each thread for showing moderator checkbox, regardless of whether a checkbox is present.
  • NSFW feature image resize issue on IE is now resolved
    • Issue: When viewing an article (under the my profile. Articles section) with a feature image that is NSFW, when clicking on the “Show COntent” link, the image that is shown is not sized properly.
  • Image-tag may reprocess already processed images
    • Issue: The image is re-processed.
    • Resolution: The request should ignore the image.
      • Added status check before submitting images for processing
  • Gallery: Video & Audio
    • Issue: The gallery uploader noted that a User could upload video and audio to the gallery. We actually do not support this on the platform yet, and uploading those format would cause issues.
    • Resolution: Removed the note, and the ability to upload video and audio in a gallery. We will look into proper supporting the formats in the future if there are strong requests.
      • The User should no longer see the option to upload video or audio formats: avi, m4v, mov, mp4, ogg, webm, wmv.
  • Pagination Issue on threads with large number of posts
    • Issue: It jumps to page number 1
    • Resolution: The page should stay on number 4343
  • Unnecessary wrapping in Forum
    • Issue: Comments/View alignment wrapping to appear as two lines
    • Resolution: Comments/View alignment on one line
  • Homepage: A User is unable to load the new homepage if they have followed the same thread twice.
    • Issue: User document in Vespa has the same thread followed twice, and throws an error based on the current code.
    • Resolution: A front-end check can be added to query the xenforo thread watch table to see if it already exists for this user, if so it will not send the event again. To guard against duplicate users inside of vespa for followedThreadIDs the logic in the search chain was changed to pass a Set instead of a List to ensure there are no duplicate entries.
  • UI/UX - Author “My Profile” Page - space between images is not consistent
    • Issue: Spacing above and below the featured image thumbnail should be the same (18px). See comments for a screenshot.
    • Resolution: Spacing above and below the featured image thumbnail is not the same
  • UI/UX - Prefix is not vertically centered
    • Issue: Test within prefix is not vertically aligned
    • Resolution: Text within prefix is vertically aligned

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Note for Admins we will be moving from the "Release Notes" pop up on your home forums to the 30/30 format for forward-facing user changes.

So there will be one a month instead of weekly to summarize the main roadmap, goals, and achievements.

Jeff M
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