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Platforum Release Date: Friday, August 7th
Release Date: Tues, August 11th @ 9:00 a.m.

Summary of Changes - User Facing
  • Homepage 2.0 launched globally
  • Articles: Follow button synchronization
    • Issue: The “Follow” button on the Right Rail and Author info block are not synchronized. If a user selects “follow” they will need to refresh the page before the action is reflected on the page.
    • Fix: The buttons should be synchronized. They should show the current state after the button is selected by the user.
  • Focused Mode: Right rail is now hidden from profile page tabs
  • UI/UX Improvements
    • Alignment fix for “Jump to Latest”, and “Follow/Unfollow” buttons in thread view.
    • Homepage titles and thumbnail spacing adjustment
      • Issue: Long text strings without spaces were not wrapping and spilled over into the content on the featured image and right rail.
      • Expected: Long text strings should wrap within its container.
    • Spacing and styles improvements on Create Post Page
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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