Onefora Release Date: Monday, Nov 2nd
Tentative Release Date: Tues, Nov 3rd @ 9:00 a.m.

Summary of Changes - User Facing
  • Card View
    • Beta will be rolled out on the following sites
    • Fixed the issue where in some cases, pop up windows have the same color as background color or section color.
    • Corrected the term where on some pages “Comfort View” is referred as “Classic View”
    • Fixed a spacing issue at the bottom of Card View “Brand New Look” pop up.
    • Fixed the horizontal scrolling issue in thread view on iOS devices caused by input toolbar width error.
  • The “Discussion Created” button on the Public Profile page will now filter search results and only show threads started by the user.
    • The number of actual threads shown in the result page might differ due to several factors, including user's sub-forum access and deleted threads, etc.
  • Redirection Fixs
    • Fixed an issue where albums URL doesn’t redirect if it was uploaded with vbimghost plugin before migrating to California.
    • /topic/ URLs will now be redirected correctly to /threads/