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Onefora Release Date: Fri, Jan 15th
Release Date: Tues, Jan 19th @ 9:00 a.m.

Summary of Changes - User Facing
  • Moderation Issue when Admin user tries to moderate replies
    • Issue: When an Admin logs into the site and goes to a User profile to moderate replies the number of checkboxes selected is different from the number displayed above the moderation icon.
    • Status: Resolved. The number of checkboxes selected vs displayed now matches what is selected for moderation.
  • Full forum listing page - view counts were missing
    • Issue: Forums that have been viewed are not displaying the view count.
    • Output: All forums that have been viewed by a User should have the view count visible.
  • Showcase: The moderation button covered when the general description is too large
    • Issue: If you log in as a Supermod/Admin, and create a showcase with a long General Description when you go to the showcase listing page the description is not wrapped and covers the moderation button.
    • Status: Resolved. The description is now wrapped.

Example of Moderation Button Coverage prior to fix
  • Thread view kabob menu - Tap target incorrect
    • Issue: If a User visits a thread, and attempts to select the kabob menu the sizing is not uniform. It should have a tap target of 26x26.
    • Status: Resolved. Tap target now matches design specifications.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to the product or CM team: @gkatsiochristos, @mike.shoss, @liang, @jtonge, @Lalji, @AG Jeff!

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Larger kabob FTW!
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