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Today VerticalScope approved two posts in our approval queue that did not comply with our rules to post to our classified section. Myself and another moderator were working with the members to get the posts in compliance. But, we were undermined by VeritcalScope and the threads were approved by them anyways.

I don't know what to do. This has happened before. I've complained before. I guess I'll ask again: Please don't do that. But I don't expect that will have much of an effect. But there it is, I tried anyways.

You know how much disrespect you guys communicate when you do this stuff, right?

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****, I never should have joined this forum :( This is all I need in my life, another wall to bang my head on. Just go ahead and delete this thread, I don't seem to be able to do so.

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I will reach out to the CM team and see who might have reviewed the Approval Queue.

Can you give me example links to the posts?

Sorry in advance and will discuss this with the team.

Jeff M
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