Featured Threads

Late last year, we embarked on a new journey to provide better ways to curate and display site content on the homepage. Our communities wanted to surface content that they found most interesting or helpful. Since then we've been testing “Featured Threads” across a selection of pioneering sites. With the great feedback and data we’ve collected, we are now rolling it out across all of our communities.

So what are “Featured Threads”?

Featured Threads sits at the top of the homepage and showcases 5 articles or threads in a beautiful, eye-catching module. The feature displays across all screen sizes, gracefully adding or removing a tile to help the content fit naturally into the viewing area.

Administrators can manually select some or all of the threads for their site. Our algorithm will automatically select valid threads where manual threads are not provided, or where the manually-supplied thread is invalid.

What threads can I showcase with Featured Threads?

A valid Featured Thread is a thread or article that:
  1. Has an image in its first post
  2. Whose image is “Safe for Work” according to Google
  3. Threads are public and visible to guests (vs private)
Keeping things Fresh

You will need at least ten valid threads on your community to be successful with Featured Threads. That includes five valid threads to show on day one and another five to show the next day. However, we recommend you have many more valid threads ready to ensure there is a selection to rotate through to keep Featured Threads fresh and dynamic for users.

Manually-selected threads will expire after 28 days at which point the system will attempt to populate new threads automatically. Automatically-selected threads will refresh on a daily basis.

Pro Tip!

We’ve noticed the threads that are late-breaking get more user interaction. So for instance, “New pictures of unreleased 2022 Honda Civic” will catch users’ eyes, whereas “How to change the spark plug of a 2015 Civic” will not perform as well. The first example will earn attention because it is relevant and new to a broad segment of users, whereas the latter is a specific application that is only of interest to a few.

When will it be available in my community?

Hundreds of communities already have Featured Threads enabled. If you don’t see it on your homepage yet, you can expect it to be there in the next week or two.


Image Search Update & Re-design [Preview]

Good news, we are continuing our improvements to the image search experience! Earlier this year we released our first iteration of image search on Onefora. After release, we gathered feedback which led us into further ideation and solutioning. Please see the original post for reference here. We have finalized our redesign and would like to share a preview of what is to come so we can get your feedback.

Showcase, Albums, and Media Search Results Redesign

We are moving to a beautiful tiled view for the Showcase, Albums and Media search results pages. This view will include the image, image/album title, timestamp and username.

Discussions, Media Comments Redesign

We are making our search results pages for discussions and media comments more consistent with our card view layout. Changes include reducing white space, providing more focus on core content, and updating to a clean visual experience.

Content Tags [New Feature!]

To help organize content and make it easier for the community to find, you will soon be able to add tags to your content. These tags become links, allowing topics that discuss similar things to be grouped and searched.

Where do you tags?

As a user, you can add tags to the following areas:
  • Articles
  • Threads/Discussions
  • Gallery
  • Showcase
Will I be able to edit Tags?

Yes, if you have posted your content and wish to add or edit an existing tag, navigate to the posted content and click the “tag icon”. This will allow you to edit.

Will I be able to search Tags?

Yes, you can search tags by navigating to our “Advanced Search” and selecting the “Search Tags” tab. There are two ways to search tags on this page.
  1. Custom Search: When the page loads you will be able to enter text and search for tags on the site.
  2. Popular Tags: When the page loads you will see a sub-section called “Popular Tags” this feature provides suggestions for commonly used tags to click and discover within your favourite community.
Both options will generate results with tags applied to Articles, Threads/Discussions, Gallery and Showcase.

Tag Manager for Mods/Admins/Staff

The tag manager makes it easy for administrators to find all the tags that have been used within their community. Tag manager shows how popular each tag is and the date the tag was last used. You will be able to view all content with a particular tag as well as being able to merge or delete tags. When the feature is ready for launch, we will release best practices for tag management on our forums.