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Platforum will be the central hub where we’ll keep our users up-to-date on all things community related - we’ll share product updates, future plans and other important information that impact our VerticalScope communities.

Gathering user feedback is extremely important in regards to the overall success of our communities. Within this space, we’ll engage with our community members to gather feedback, discuss product features, improvements, and so much more. We value our community members and want to keep an open channel of communication by not only being transparent with them, but allowing them to be transparent with us. For additional information please check out our blog post here.

Homepage - Algorithm Update

We are continuing to improve our algorithm to bring you a more personalized experience that will highlight content that is relevant to you.
  • Threads that you are following will now surface higher on your homepage feed when there are new replies.
  • Threads posted by the user that you are following will have a boost in ranking in your feed.
  • Threads posted under the sub-forums that you’re following will have a boost in ranking in your feed.
  • Threads posted in nodes with access restriction will now be properly displayed on the homepage for those that have access to these nodes.
Full Forum List
  • When a User follows a forum, we would like to improve the user-experience by allowing them to see the forum right away. We did this by surfacing the followed forums on /forums. This change will also drive more traffic to the forum and help improve the new homepage algorithm.
  • Article alignment tweaks dark mode 'creating process elements' were not displaying as expected in dark mode so we fixed this. BBCode in threads update - removed some padding around the area. Additional details noted below in Fixes.
Upgraded Signatures

We evaluated feedback from our users and are working to improve signatures. Some key updates include:
  • Ability to expand and collapse signatures
  • Preview of image (if first) or text when minimized
  • Greatly increased capacity for internal links in signatures
ML Recommender

We launched Machine Learning recommendations and have rolled out the Machine Learning Recommender to an additional 50 sites and as a result this has provided and improved tailored results that are specific to the threads that you are looking at. We are working towards a full global rollout in August.

Notable Mentions

We have been gathering feedback from our community members and staff members over the last several months. During this time, our members identified several bugs that we need to fix. Some of them improve the quality of life for our users, some address user interface issues,etc. Below we have listed the fixes for July with additional fixes slated for August.

Fix Breakdown:
  • Articles
    • Sidebar: Article/Discussion Double Sidebar removed.
    • Alignment: The overflow (admin checkbox) on the right side is horizontally aligned with the username & timestamp on the left side.
    • Alignment: ‘reply/quote’ section of post body spacing adjusted when a user does not have a signature.
    • BBcode - Removed additional padding from .bbcode block.
    • Swiping - You can now swipe through image galleries on mobile.
  • Extra ‘F’ character in Follow Forum discussion box removed.

  • Top Forums unnecessary wrapping resolved.

  • Homepage feed will now only show image attachments.
  • Media/Showcase 10 edits/7 Days functionality is now working properly.
    • Expected: User should be able to edit the post as it should obey the rule of 10 post edits every 7 days.
    • Issue: The user was not able to edit posts when the initial fix was applied.
  • Ghost unread conversation: Users on Impreza5 and Challengerforumz were reporting that they have an indicator showing 1 unread conversation, while they were unable to find it despite looking for it in all locations and clearing or marking it as all read. This has now been fixed and the ghost conversations have been removed.
  • Voting - Fixed the issue where the vote closing time wasn’t properly displayed.
  • Account Details Page
    • Issue: When a user tries to save or update information in this section they receive error messages.
    • Resolved: The user should be able to update and save information entered in these fields.
  • FAQ: Anchor links are now working properly in FAQ.
  • Account Setting page - Fixed an issue where the left rail navigation menu item is inconsistent in some pages.

  • Search and recommended section speed optimization.


Homepage 2.0

Global Release is slated for August.

Articles UI/UX Updates

Article improvement tweaks involving the alignment, spacing and styling of articles. Some key updates include: Author “My Profile” page - adjusted spacing above and below the featured image thumbnail and text, adjusted spacing and styling on the “Create Post”, and “Article” pages. Alignment adjustment for prefix and various buttons (jump to latest, follow/unfollow articles/save & cancel).

Card View Project Introduction

In the effort to reduce the white spacing issue on our sites and provide better visual and user experience, we are currently working on a brand new look for our forum system. Please take a look at this thread for more information: Platforum

Cali Ops Project Introduction

We are currently looking at laying some foundation work to provide additional Admin permissions and site customization functions. We’re in the early stages, but once we have anything new to update you on, we will share it here.

Update to Popular Communities

In an effort to provide content that is relevant to the user, we are updating our Popular Communities section to Recommended Communities. This section will be populated by an algorithm to provide recommendations for the user, based on the community the user is visiting or is a part of.

Notable Mentions

We have continued to gather feedback from our communities and staff members and have scheduled additional time to work on reported bugs this month!