Have you noticed our new homepage? We are excited to tell you about some of the features that we have included. We have taken a user-first approach and received feedback from some of our power users to come up with the current format. Our algorithm will serve a customized experience based on your prior engagement with our content. If you’ve liked and or commented, or are following certain topics that are of interest to you, similar content will appear at the top of the homepage. Originally, it would have taken you several steps to find your interests, but we have simplified the experience and with one click your interests are presented to you. Our new homepage boasts a personal customized feed which is easier and faster to navigate. In line with the improved and simplified look and feel of our homepage, we are trying out a native ad free environment and are willing to take the monetary loss in order to keep our users happy while using our platform. In the future, we will be releasing new features that will allow for more customization by filtering and sorting your customized feed to a higher degree.

Check out our Video here !

We are cognizant of the experience that we are building for our users as we always have our users top of mind when developing new features on our platform. We’d love to have your feedback, ideas, comments, and or suggestions on our new homepage. Your opinion matters to us, please comment below.

Professional Content (Articles) Feature Announcement

Do you want to be a Blogger? Well here is your chance! We recognize that our members have a vast depth of knowledge on the subjects that they love. With that being said, our sites now allow our users to express themselves in article format to share that knowledge with the rest of the community.

Members can easily select between standard forum posting or article forum posting. The article format allows members to include a feature image at the top of the article to set the tone for the rest of the content piece. Users can also add an image gallery which will appear in carousel format.

We have improved the overall user-experience and we’ve made it easier to edit and preview content before posting the content live. Several edit features have been added giving users full edit capabilities such as additional font style and sizing which gives our users more freedom to express themselves creatively.

If there is a particular author that you’d like to follow you can easily do so by clicking the authors name which pulls up the authors profile along with the content that the author has written. The content is also categorized and integrated within the forum environment, making it easier to comment and engage with.

In the very near future, we will be releasing other features and one that we know the community will definitely be happy about, and benefit from is BBCode. BBCode, similar to HTML, can be used for such things as coloured text, underlined text, pictures, and links. Stand-by for that release.

We received user feedback to implement these features on the site and we will continue to work with our users to improve the blogging experience. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to comment.

Machine Learning Recommender for Recommended Reading Section

Machine Learning is all around us in this world from self-driving cars to those all too familiar rabbit holes we have gone down on YouTube. Knowing that, we have taken a sprinkle of the magic and put it into our Recommended Reading section. With the new model, we are able to leverage contextual matches for a thread by not just a direct match as previously implemented. As with any good ML system it will continue to get better over time. In the future we will be looking further to refine the results to cater to our users preferences based on if the user likes to see something more popular or more recent. Check out our blog post here to learn more!



We are continuing to improve our algorithm for following threads, forums, and users. Notable mentions: For the new homepage we have improved the logic for when a user Follows a Thread. When following Forums, if a user is following 1 or more forums, we will be including a “My Followed Forums” list to make it easier to navigate to these forums.


Articles alignment tweaks, and dark mode 'creating process elements' were not displaying as expected in dark mode so we fixed this. BBCode in threads update, removed some padding around the area.

Upgraded Signatures

We evaluated feedback from our users and are working to improve signatures. Some key updates include:
  • Ability to Expand and Collapse
  • Preview of image (if first) or text when minimized
  • Support unlimited internal links in signatures
Notable Mention

We have been gathering feedback from our communities and staff members over the last several months. During this time, our members identified several bugs that we need to fix. Some of them improve the quality of life for our users, some address user interface issues, etcetera. Over the last few months, we have been focused on some larger features, including the new homepage, the ability to write articles, and more. During this time, we were fixing as many bugs as we could, but it wasn’t our sole focus. Well, it is time for us to give you what you are looking for and focus on fixing bugs. As a result, we are going to focus a large chunk of the month on annihilating bugs that you have reported. Don’t worry, this isn’t a one time thing, we will do this more often to ensure we provide you with the quality product that you deserve!