We are making continuous improvements to our forums so more people can access them in an easy-to-use manner. Recent updates include:

  • Removed the extra empty <h1> header tag from the thread page (both thread and article types)
  • Made notification “Close” button readable by the screen reading software
  • Images on the homepage featured threads now have the descriptive text added to them

Content Tags
We launched Content Tags globally on July 6th. Product highlights:

  • As a user, you can add tags to the following areas: Articles, Threads/Discussions, Gallery, and Showcase.
  • The tag has a character limit of 3 to 25 characters.
  • Search tags by navigating to the advanced search “tags” tab, or clicking on the tag for other content with this tag.
  • User Profile page, discussions tab will show threads with tags
  • Mods/Admins/Staff can utilize “Tag Manager” to find all the tags that have been used within their respective communities.

Please reference the original OneFora content tag announcement here for additional information.

We launched reactions globally on July 9th. Product highlights:

  • React to posts, threads, articles, comments and images with the following 6 reaction types:

  • Reaction type summary: Like (Positive +1), Love (Positive +1), Haha (Positive +1), Wow (Neutral), Sad (Neutral), Angry (Neutral).
  • Redesigned the following areas with this rollout: Reaction Summary thread, Reaction Alerts, Reaction summary pop up, Latest Activity, Reactions received, and ALT text added to additional reaction types.

Please reference the OneFora reactions post here for additional information.

Vendor Subscriptions

We launched the Vendor Subscriptions feature in 93 forums helping those communities automate the sign-up of vendors:
  • Vendors can now sign up online in a similar way to our premium membership program
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Vendor Subscriptions introduces a new "free" business user account. This account does not provide any posting privileges. Instead it helps us identify business users in our forums.


In August, we are continuing to make accessibility a priority so all of our users have an awesome experience. Planned updates include:

  • Adding descriptive text to navigation elements such as pagination
  • Improving color contrast and making links more prominent with an underline in notices and alerts
  • Making pagination links readable by the screen reading software

Vendor Subscriptions
We will begin migrating existing vendors onto the new Vendor Subscriptions service as well as launching on more forums. In addition we plan to:

  • Improve usability of the subscription cancellation feature
  • Provide posting activity and engagement metrics in a new vendor dashboard
  • Running surveys so we can get to know our vendors even better and highlight areas where we can improve
Recommended Reading
Starting at the end of August we will release a hard filter on old content to stop any “zombie threads” or outdated content from appearing in the recommended reading section. Our filter is set to 7 months to ensure we only bring you the most relevant and freshest content available!