Card View
Card View has moved out of Beta and is now launched globally as the default view on January 6th. Card View brings framed content with a card-like appearance. This change introduced our new spacing and typography guide. Please reference the Card View Beta launch post for additional information here.

Vendor Rules
We wanted to make it easy for our Vendors to identify and navigate through vendor setup and rules. We added these in the ‘Help’ menu located in the ‘FAQ’ section of the site which is located at: [sitename]/help/vendor_faq/

Conversation Participant Limit For Mods/Admins
In an effort to improve communication for Moderators and Administrators, we increased the conversation participant limit from 5 to 20.

Character limits
We have increased the global maximum character limit on user posts from 50,000 to 100,000 characters.


Onboarding experience for new users

  • Issue: When a new user registers, a toast appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen that asks the user if they’d like a quick tour. It helps the user understand what’s available in the top menu, such as “what’s new” and where they can find their profile. However, issues were reported where the content in the popup was not visible.
  • Status: Release 84 will resolve this issue. Content is now visible in the popup.

Onboarding Experience

“Mark All Read” button in “What’s New” section causes an error on resubmission:
  • Issue: When a user navigates to the “What’s New” section of the site and hits the “Mark All Read” button more than once, an error message appears.
  • Status: The issue is now considered resolved. After the user confirms that they want to mark all forums as read, they are redirected to the forum listing page and avoid any double clicks.

Showcase and Gallery image moderation permissions:
  • Issue: All users could use the "Moderate Image" function. This introduced risks around images that have been flagged NSFW (not safe for work) by the system as users could override the classification as well as change how images are displayed.
  • Status: This issue is now resolved. Only trusted users with special permissions can moderate images.
Threads started by a user:
  • Issue: Members could not see threads that another member has started vs participated in.
  • Status: This fix allows users to differentiate between threads started by a member versus the threads that a member has participated in. If you go to members, hover over the user name, you will see the below:

The count has been updated to separate discussions created vs. replies.

Advanced search parameters:
  • Issue: The advanced search parameters were not being retained correctly.
  • Status: This has been resolved and the parameters are now retained.



Happy New Year from the Team at VerticalScope! Over the past year, we have rolled out countless updates that strive to make the platform better. This year we will be delivering even more exciting features and continuing our focus on the best user experience.

What we’re working on:

The Homepage Display
We have embarked on a new journey. We are currently looking at better ways to curate and display site content on the homepage. The goal is to help surface items that the community has found interesting or insightful! We want this to be a unique experience that feels native to the site. We are currently in the discovery phase of this project.

The Homepage Algorithm will continue to be improved
When a user replies to a thread, the homepage algorithm currently picks it up and bumps that thread to the top of “Recommend for you” on their homepage. This bump is desired when other users respond to the thread, but unnecessary when it's the same user. Moving forward, we will not bump the threads up on the homepage if the last commenter on the thread is the user who is viewing the homepage.

Tagging System
We will start looking into the feasibility of the tagging system, potentially providing more ways to organize the site content.

Ability To Search For Images Within Gallery/Showcase
We are working towards introducing the ability to search the Gallery/Showcase for images. Users should be able to search images by name/tags within these sections by navigating to the “advanced search” and selecting from the following tabs “Search Showcase, Search Albums, Search Media, and Search Media Comments”.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to tag the product team: @gkatsiochristos, @mike.shoss, @liang, @jtonge, and @Lalji!