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Card View Beta Launch
It’s alive! Our new view mode (card view) is beginning to roll out on multiple sites and should be live globally by the end of November! During this time, we welcome your feedback. This new view helps alleviate some of the whitespace issues that were taking place on the “Comfort View.” If you want to see this now, please click the link for OneFora Card View.


ML Recommender Update
We are focused on improving our recommended reading section by improving the relevance and recency of the threads we recommend. We have improved our time factor to ensure that users are not seeing “older” threads. In our initial testing phase, we are rolling this out to a few sites and then plan to follow up with a global release next month.

Additionally, we have strived to further progress our development pipeline. This makes it possible for us to update our training model representations or generate new models with relative ease. All of this will provide more relevant content to our users.

  • We recently migrated to our new platform. As a result, URLs were not rendering images as expected. This made it difficult for users to view jpgs/png files, and view the image page.
    • Issue: Photopost, /g/, and /gallery/image/view/id/ URLs not rendering as expected.
    • Resolution: Photopost is now rendering .jpgs/.pngs, /g/, and /gallery/image/view/id/ URLs now display the image page.
  • Mods and Admins will now have the option to hide expiring redirects that leave a deleted thread link so that they can have a clear view of the thread list. They will be able to filter out the deleted/redirected threads if they choose to do so.
    • Issue: Mods and Admins were unable to filter out deleted thread links. This could clutter the UI with deleted or redirected threads.
    • Resolution: We have added a filter that will allow Mods and Admins to Show/Hide expired redirects, and deleted threads. The filter is currently titled “Redirects” and this hides redirected and deleted threads. We will work to update the filter title in a future iteration to include the word deleted. The new title will be “Deleted/Redirected”.

  • Overclock: Image URLs Redirecting Incorrectly - 404 Error.
    • Issue: Images were not redirecting as expected and the user would get a 404 instead.
    • Output: Images are now redirecting and Mods/Admins in the community have been notified accordingly.
  • Recaptcha: Error Message on Private Conversation.
    • Issue: Users were receiving a Captcha error message when trying to send a Private Message.
    • Status: Users will no longer receive this message in error.
  • Restyle Notices.
    • Issue: Notices were unusable due to styling errors. Users were unable to dismiss notices and they did not match site styling.
    • Resolution: Notices have now been updated so that they can be properly closed and styled correctly.


Card View
We will continue to make minor fixes to the UI associated with card view based on user feedback.

ML Recommender Update
  • Initial collections for recommended reading.
  • Building a data mirroring cycle to allow higher fidelity, simpler, faster development cycles when accessing data from a specific set of sites for the MLDS team.
  • Setting initial A/B Testing framework for search and recommended reading sections, this will allow us in the future to better judge which models our users prefer.
  • Improving on time factor & Introducing time factor globally.
  • Experimenting with other signals for tradeoff on time factor and relevance.
  • Using a more advanced thread representation to better capture context and forum specific language.
  • Initial combination of node representation with thread representations pipeline.
  • Validating more advanced search model architectures.
Upcoming Fixes
  • Duplicate Threads: We have seen an increase of duplicate threads appear on the homepage. We are working to rectify this.
  • Dark Mode Emails: CSS for Email in Dark Mode is not working as expected. We are working on a fix for this.
  • Threads Started By A User: A member cannot see threads another member has started vs participated in. This fix will allow users to differentiate between threads started and by a member, versus the threads that a member has participated in.
  • Retain Advanced Search Parameters: Advanced search parameters are not being retained correctly. After the fix, these parameters will be retained.
Notable Mentions
  • Vendor Rules: We want to make it easy for vendors to identify and navigate through the Vendor Setup/Rules. We will be adding these rules in the Help menu located in the FAQ section of the site.
  • Ability To Search For Images Within Gallery/Showcase: We are working towards introducing a search option in the Gallery/Showcase for images. Users should be able to search images by name/tags within these sections.
  • Update Conversation Participant Limit For Mods/Admin: In an effort to improve communication for site Moderators and Administrators we are increasing the conversation participant limit.