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We have a gentleman named Ralph Potts who does our Blu-ray movie reviews. He's a huge asset and his content generates a lot of views and posts.

One recurring problem we run into is the images he uses in these reviews. Namely the yellow scores & "dots" he uses.

Here's an example review for reference.

He's been using the vbimghost setup to store these and link to them. You get there from Tools - Image Hosting at the top of the forum.

I just wanted to be 100% sure well ahead of time that these get migrated and he doesn't lose anything because his images have been a casualty of both earlier migrations and we nearly lost him.

If we can't reproduce the system he's using now, I'd like to get ahead of it so we can work out an easy transition.

Please let me know if you need more info.


Hey Mike,

Lets have this conversation in PM (conversations) since it is not about the platform but about migration.

Gonna move this to Admin area.
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