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Welcome to OneFora!

OneFora is a gathering space for the governance of communities across the VerticalScope family of sites. Operational steering of more than 1,600+ forums will occur through the deliberations, discussion, and exchanges of assembled administrators and moderators from each community within OneFora.

OneFora serves as a source to digest and refine signals from a multitude of forum communities, presenting a venue for community volunteers, contractors, and staff to interact with each other on features, issues, and policy considerations.

This centralized hub empowers consensus and prioritizes channeled feedback from the most critical, core members of the communities. It allows easy exchange and dissemination of information from Engineering, Product, and Community Management teams to and from administrators and moderators.
  • Advance review of new community features and details on progress made in platform development.
  • Real-world feedback from members with a vested interest in improving forum systems, policies, and processes.
  • Tools, training, and resources for volunteers, including best practices, onboarding, and analysis.
  • At-a-glance status report for the health and well-being of communities.
It is our determined hope that this new incarnation of our centralized forum platform will serve our communities better. Those of you familiar with the previous "Labs" and "Platforum" might have a little re-branding whiplash, but we feel that you'll come to find OneFora much more useful to your needs as a clearinghouse for resources in helping to administrate and moderate your communities.

What changes to expect:
  • Current Plaftorum users are grandfathered in, though may see some residual tags, titles, or permissions change as the new structure unfolds.
  • Some sections or threads may move around a bit.
  • Bugs/Feature Request section and ticket numbers will remain consistent, as have previously established threads.
  • Invitationals to all the respective communities are set to be dispatched as soon as the basic structure is in place and the forms are prepared.
  • Scaffolding threads and forum sections will be setup - please stay tuned for communication to follow on the organizational efforts here.
More updates to follow as progress is made on this great endeavor. We're incredibly pleased to have you with us for this, and looking forward to incredible new opportunities to discuss and engage with you in this community of communities!

Warm Regards,
~Your Community Management Team
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